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Concrete removal and replacement

Demolition of old, broken, settled, or heaving concrete walks and curbs. Replace with new concrete that eliminates tripping hazards and/or ponding issues and revitalizes concrete pathways.

Gray & Decorative Concrete

Finishes can include Stamped Concrete, Exposed Aggregate, Stains, Seals, Colored Concrete, Broom, Hard Trowel, or Grind & Polish finishes.

Patching & Grinding

Sometimes a more cost-effective solution to repairing heavily worn concrete is to patch holes or grind areas that can be a possible tripping hazard.


There are various styles and applications of cement pavers. From driveways to decorative paths and patios.

ADA compliance

The ADA ( or Americans with Disabilities Act) Standards apply to commercial and public entities that have ‚Äúplaces of public accommodation.” This ADA compliance includes, but are not limited to, proper ramp slope and handicap landings. This also includes the proper installation of cast-in-place¬†Truncated Dome Detectable Warning Panels.

Tenant improvements

Tenant slabs on grade, Footings, and concrete removal and pour backs for plumbing and/or electrical trenching.

Parking Lots & Drainage

Concrete Type L and A curbs, Island Curbs, Valley Gutters, Sidewalks, Trash Enclosures, and concrete retaining walls.

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